Common Mistakes People Make When Organizing A Space

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To make sure your home is organized, and your belongings are arranged in an ideal manner, having frequent decluttering and strategic organizing sessions is necessary. However, there are some common errors that people commit when organizing their living space that could’ve been evaded had they been aware of a few details. 

To help you steer clear of these mistakes and ensure that you navigate through the organization process smoothly and efficiently, Room by Room has made a list of the most common mistakes that people make when organizing a space that you should avoid.

1. Buying containers before sorting out their space
Many clients make the mistake of buying containers to organize their space before sorting and purging. Clients make this mistake because they are on a mission to tackle a task and think they need the containers to help them with this task. Purging the unwanted and unneeded should be done first to see what containers you will need with what’s left. This not only saves time but money as well!

2. Not staying on task with the project
Another common mistake clients make is not staying focused on the project. For instance, you decide to clean out your closet. You find something that was shoved in there for convenience and now needs to be placed in its proper place. You go to put the item away, and it doesn’t fit because that drawer is full. So now, the client thinks they need to organize that drawer before they finish their closet. Before you know it, your house is turned upside down and nothing gets done because they no longer know where to begin. One space at a time. Dedicate a space of things that needs a home assigned after you finish the first task.

3. Keeping items in unassigned spaces
Your space may look neat and tidy because the piles on your flat spaces are, that does not mean it’s organized. Clients do this because their spaces are not dedicated, thereby making the spaces look cluttered. It’s vital to take the time to sort and dedicate spaces to items, so they’re not lost or forgotten. Time-sensitive materials should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid deadlines.

To avoid these and other mistakes when organizing your home, reach out to Room by Room. We will help you organize your home by decluttering spaces and sorting out your belongings in an optimal manner. We provide assistance to our clients in decluttering rooms and spaces, shopping for supplies to organize their homes, developing personal storage solutions, and transforming their space into a functioning space using strategic planning. Our exemplary home organizing services are available to clients across St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Morinville, Sturgeon County, Sherwood Park, North Edmonton, and West Edmonton, Alberta.

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