Meet The Face Behind Room by Room

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I’m Michelle Vanderkracht, the proud owner of Room by Room.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

When there is a lack of organization in a home, deciding where to start re-organizing gets overwhelming. As a result, most people put off the task altogether, which later weighs heavy on their mental well-being and even impacts the marketability of their house. 

From a very young age, I have been drawn to organizing and planning things and spaces. Before launching my business, for years, I indulged in my passion by helping friends and family declutter their homes. To build a career in the very thing I loved and refine the skills I could offer people, I decided to train at POC (Professional Organizers in Canada). My experience with them helped me widen my perspective and gave me more insight into how I wanted to operate my business.

In no time, I introduced my services to St. Albert, AB, through Room by Room and began helping people restore peace and harmony into their homes, especially among their things.

For those who feel organizing their spaces is daunting, I help them customize their storing solutions and make it manageable for them every day. That way, everything has the perfect place all the time.

I particularly enjoy working with clients who are moving to new homes as I get to help them purge before they move out. By organizing their old home, they can save time and money when moving to a new place. Moreover, they can show off the organized spaces in the house on sale instead of their belongings to potential buyers.

The best part about my job is that I get to work directly with my clients to achieve an outcome that is specific to their needs. I also like the challenge of incorporating their ideas into my plans to help them meet their goals for efficiency at home.

To help my clients get comfortable with organizing, I ensure them no judgment will be made about messy rooms or dysfunctional storage. I then take them through my plans to make the best use of the space they possess for their convenience and comfort.

I am honest with my clients about my approach to each project, and I keep the details about their home confidential. I also carefully listen to their needs and wants to provide them with outcomes they love.

At the end of the day, client happiness is the result I’m after, and I strive to achieve this in the best way possible, as their satisfaction drives my popularity and success.

When I am not at work, I like to connect with friends and family. I also volunteer my time to local communities as it fulfills my purpose and contributes to the development of young adults and the betterment of those in need.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise as a trained professional organizer in St. Albert, AB, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit my website at